A surgeon's vision shouldn't be compromised during laparoscopic procedures.

In fact, we believe laparoscopes shouldn't get dirty in the first place. Which is why we developed FloShield.

FloShield Vortex Barrier Techonology

Clear vision should be the standard.

We think surgeons should have consistent, clear vision for every procedure. So we designed FloShield.

The FloShield system includes a sheath that directs carbon dioxide gas (CO2) to the tip of a laparoscope and actively protects the lens from condensation, debris and smoke. We call it Vortex Barrier Technology™, and it reduces, and in many cases eliminates, the need to remove a scope during laparoscopic procedures.

FloShield is available with Flo-X in situ, which allows surgeons to flush the lens intra-operatively. The ability to clean the lens without removing a scope greatly enhances the surgical flow while potentially reducing the length and overall costs of procedures.

The FloShield Family of Products

Air Plus
Vortex Barrier Technology

Instantly defogs the lens

Actively protects the lens from condensation, debris and smoke

Eliminates the need to heat the scope

Flo-X in situ

Intra-operatively cleans the lens with a biocompatible surfactant

Rapid vision recovery upon abrupt loss of vision without removing the scope

Use with Traditional Laparoscope
Use with Robotic Laparoscope
FloShield Laparoscopes Vortex
Hand with scope

Keeping laparoscopes clean doesn't need to be complicated.

FloShield connects to existing insufflation tubing and diverts a portion of CO2 down the FloShield sheath to the tip of the scope. The all-inclusive system eliminates the need for other defogging and cleaning products. FloShield is simply set-up at the beginning of a case, taken off at the end of a case, and not thought about otherwise.

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Both FloShield Air and FloShield Plus are compatible with most 5mm or 10mm laparoscopes and accommodate 0°, 30° and 45° angled lenses.

Traditional Scope More About Compatibility
Robotic Scope


FloShield Plus is compatible with the 8.5mm da Vinci® Si HD™ Surgical System laparoscope and accommodates 0° and 30° Down angled lenses.

da Vinci is a registered trademark of Intuitive Surgical Inc. More About Compatibility